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 The Great Wall of China is considered to be the only man-made project visible from the moon. Trip to their include different challenges, amongst all the traditional shocks, language barriers and heat waves, when coming face to face with the wall. 

From a touristic point of view the great wall has a nice atmosphere. The people around the world makes you realize how big this must see attraction is. There is range of routes that you can take to explore many areas of the wall. Each route allows you to experience something amazing, different and sensational.
The wall is immensely an example in it-self and has a long projection. It has eight sections of the great wall to visit which are; Mutianyu Pass, Badaling Pass, Juyongguan Pass, Jinshanling Pass, Simatia Pass, Huanghuacheng Pass, Jiankou Pass, Gubeikou Pass. There are three most famous passes out of eight. However the best- preserved part of the wall is Mutianyu. It possesses the most charming background that is very unique and distinctive characteristics, which is only available in this Pass of the wall. The wall is basically made of huge stones. This makes the wall clean, pretty and Solid. Just close to Badaling, there is a Museum & National Theater. In museum there is a great deal of data in text, charts, photos, electric model, real, comprehensive, systematic introduction to China history of the Great Wall, which provide research site, scientific research services. Theater offers you to watch a documentary which will give you a chance of full view of the Great Wall.
Second pass isJuyongguan, located in a valley named “Guangou” as long 20 kilometer area, which is within Changping District over 60 kilometers north from downtown Beijing. Huanghuacheng means “Yellow Flower City”, north of downtown in Beijing, is one of most decaying section of the wall in Beijing. It has become popular walker’s place in recent years. This section of the wall is about one thousand meters long and is connecting Juyongguan Pass with Badaling Pass, in the west and Jiankou Pass with Mutianyu Pass in the east. It’s a trial to climb the pass since it has no stone steps or no smooth path found at other sections of the Pass.
Another Passis Jiankou the most hazardous and falls down section of the wall around Beijing. There are four site must to see. This is one of the most picturesque stretches of wall around Beijing. The real Great Wall, not something like touristic Disney- style walls renovated to please you. Many of people have grasped a picture of it because it is well known as the most due to its uniqueness. 
Simatai is a pass, fantastic site for tourism, climbing and appraisal. The Simatai Pass, with densely-positioned watchtower running along the mountain edges, looks astonishing and marvelous! On the mountains with mild slopes in the west, twenty watchtowers are well-maintained.There is relatively less crowdat Jinshanling Pass; it is a nice place to explore the Great Wall in Beijing. This pass has become a well-known scenic plug, attracting numerous tourists from both home and abroad.
The remarkable view of the ancient Great Wall is daze. Every pass have a different vision, particular arrangements and amazing things. The temperature is almost having variation in different segments of the wall that please their visitors. Everything is smooth in its perimeters.

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