Increase in Tourists rate because of new prince entery in Royal Family of Britain

Admin on July 24,2013

The year 2012 was the bumper year for tourism industry of United Kingdome and the country was enjoying the outcomes of previous year now that a big new come into front that again boosted up tourism industry. Yes this big new is none other than the arrival of new Prince Baby to the Royal family.  God gifted William and Kate with a baby boy on the date of 22nd of July, 2013.
Excitement and curiosity among the people of Britain was worth seeing. London wakes up with the huge gathering on the Mall just to hear the declaration of the birth of third throne to Royal Family. Birth of new royal baby will be the big cause of increase in tourist to UK as the well wishers will flew to the country of prince to celebrate new entry in the same environment where the little prince is breathing.

People all over the world got affiliation with the royal family of Britain so almost everyone who can afford will fly to UK to be the part of this joy and partying environment. The newly born Prince of Cambridge is now 3rd in line to the throne and the ideas of toddler toys confusing the floorboards of Kensington Palace; palace where William and Kate is going to be live as a family unit and this is the hope for tourism industry in UK that this is such an appealing stuff for tourists to London from all over the world.
A tourist to the England told us that The Royal family is known to be the asset for English Tourism in all eras but this time it is incomparable to the past as tourist rate is highest at this time. This is the time to highlight the rich legacy and cultural inheritances’ so it would the thing that families visiting UK can enjoy during their trip.

According to one report, after the downturn began in 2008, 31.1 millions tourists in the year of Olympics in 2012 was the highest figure to note down. Further that report mentions that this number of tourists generated revenue of approximately £19 billion by the visitor of 7 to 8 nights on average. Scenes of celeberation across UK and specially enlighten landmarks with blue light in honor of the new prince arrival. London Eye, Fountains in Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge are attractions for the foreigners this time to spend their holiday there. Above all Kensington Palace, the palace of William, Kate and new prince baby will be of great interest for the tourists.

Cutting long story short, idiosyncratic Royal palaces are very important part England’s custom and traditions. So there is a big welcome to the overseas visitors to the England, the Land of Royals!

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