Life is Adventure at Maria

Admin on July 11,2013

Maria Island, located in Australia, near Tasmania, is considered to be a paradise due to its, plentiful wildlife, colorful woods and beautiful beaches. Along with its heavenly beauty, the island possesses a remarkable history as well.

A tour of Tasmania seems incomplete without visiting to island.Geographically, the island is located in the eastern seas of Tasmania, about 10 kilometersoff the Coast and to get to the island, a ferry provides a daily service from the Ferry’s departure point to Orford a short distance to the south.As there are no common vehicles system available in the Island so just ‘ranger vehicles’ are only means of travelling, inside the Island.The Island, surrounded with woods on roughhillsprovidesunique and exceptional walking experiences for tourists.

It has much attraction on Tasmania mild east coast.International tourist & visitors have a recruit to viewthe amazing places on the island which includesMount Bishop and Clerk, Painted Cliffs, Darlington, Coastal view to Mount Bishop and Clerk, Return Point, Cape Barren Geese, Bennett’s wallaby, Remains of the convict prison.

Island is one of the best places in Tasmania for bird-watching. You probably won't be able to miss the cape barren geese, but there are certain other Tasmanian places, like the rare forty-spotted pardalote and the Tasmanian Native Hen which you will not afford to miss either.If you enjoy scuba-diving, you'll find just the right environment for that in the marine reserve at the island's northern end.

Even if you keep to the shore and painted cliff tops, you may catch sight of dolphins, whales, sealsinside the sea and sea eagles on the shores. Your imagination conjures up the reality of thriving at Darlington from its various parts. When it was known as San Diego, after the capitalist Diego Bernacchi, it included a vineyard, a coffee palace and a grand hotel, all of which contributed to the promotion of the island as a pleasure resort.

It may be more appropriate for visitors to visit the Maria; one of the most tourist point of the world, in the way of enjoyment, entertainment and spend a memorable time of theirs life. It gives calm environment to its tourists to examine the places which have both amazing and natural scenery. Island grants its visitors with the environment which they canobserve and adopt in ways, they want! 

Here is what most of visitors or tourists quote at the end Maria’s tour …


                                                            “Had a wonderful time, didn’t wanted to leaveee...”


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