The Most Posh Places in the United States of America

Admin on July 11,2013

 Although people who have passion and interest of travelling, making nights out and exploring the world’s beauty have nothing to do with the price they will have to pay for see the sights of the scenery. Thing that makes the coastal Massachusetts city the most expensive is the money visitors have to pay that is on average $218 for a double room per night in a territory township. New Jersey’s Cape is not less in being the most expensive destination of USA as it comes on second number for its price of $205 approximately for a night in double accommodation room. 

New York
The study took recently to know the cheapest hotels in all over the USA. Hotels rates been compared for all destinations in the USA for this summer season’s key tour time of July 1st to August 31st t get accurate results for research. The United States' highly luxurious place, by expense, of its lodge, is the New York that is situated at the high tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  
This study results completely based upon consideration of cheapest hotels amongst two and higher star hotels base upon the average cost of these hotels. Top most expensive places in light of particular research are interestingly important to mention here for having a complete view regarding expenses in United States of America for one night out. 
Provincetown (Massachusetts)
Along with being the most visited and favorite places next places have key importance to mention as being most expensive areas. Provincetown (Massachusetts) is incredibly expensive place for one night stay of two people in at minimum two star hotels. It costs two of you on average $218.  After Massachusetts, there are Cape May (New Jersey), Martha's Vineyard, Santa Monica (California), and Old Orchard Beach (Maine) are in row of being the most expensive destinations of USA where pair of visitors will have to pay on average $205,$ 202, $199 and $192 respectively. 
Calistoga (California)
Beauty of these American destinations can’t be denied but all luxury and beauty costs its price and here Calistoga (California) $186, Kennebunkport (Maine) $184, Ogunquit (Maine) $183, Poipu (Hawaii) $176 and Boston (Massachusetts) $175 are not stay far as per being expensive. 
This is important to keep in mind that these rates are researched and entirely applicable to the the tenure of July 1st 2013 to August 31st 2013.

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