Top Destinations Of 2015 For Adventure Travel

Admin on February 26,2015

The world is rich in lots of natural wonders that serve as gateways to adventure destinations. They are exotic and people prefer these places for enjoying because they give an incredibly memorable experience to the adventurers from all across the world. The beautiful landscapes are ideal for spending good vacations. Some of the top destinations of 2015 for adventure travel which are also on the top of every adventurer’s wish list are focused in this article.

The adventure destinations are ranked on the basis of the activities they offer for the tourists. The recent trends in adventurous activities include trekking, hiking, mountaineering, biking, rafting, etc. There are so many options for the adventurers like


Switzerland is really considered as the top adventure destination for tourists as it offers endless wonderful summer activities like hiking, rafting, mounting, skiing, fishing, biking, canoeing, skating, climbing, snowboarding, air boarding, dog sledding, tobogganing and many more. Like every year, thousands of adventurers are expected to visit Switzerland this year too.


Morocco covers some of the best landscapes and deserts. The tourists who are adventure lovers can find no other place like Morocco because there is much to do there. In recent years, it has become the world best voyage place for the travelers.

Java, Indonesia

This Indonesian island can offer you a lot to spend your dream adventure holidays. There are deserts and striking volcanoes where you would have the most memorable experience of climbing. The land is extremely vibrant and all adventurers must add it to their adventure experience.


When we talk about adventure destinations, we can’t forget Brazil. It’s a perfect place full of beautiful jungles. The beaches and the Amazon River are some of the places that offer the best opportunities to the travelers to enjoy in Brazil.  The visitors have some more activities like surfing, skiing, kayaking, and diving, etc. to add in their things to do list while they are on an adventure tour in Brazil.


The land of Ireland is a true paradise for the adventurers as the land is rich in beautiful green pastures and natural beauties. The land is completely entertaining and you would find it amazing from every angle. Some of the Irish adventures that you can enjoy are Sea kayaking, mountain biking, riding, cycling, rock climbing, Boat trips and diving etc.


It is a rich cultural terrain and also offers low mountains, plateaus and plains that attract the adventurers from every corner of the world and take part in some of the adventurous activities like hiking, biking, camping, climbing, adventure racing, hunting, etc.

New Zealand

It’s a dream of every adventurer to have a beautiful adventure travel in Brazil. It has all the basic adventures that any destination can have. There are majestic mountains for trekking and climbing and the people can enjoy water sports too. It is one of the best destinations to have a wonderful adventure travel in the world.

Patagonia, Chile

Patagonia offers the most memorable adventure tour to the visitors. The Patagonian Andes is a remarkable area having volcanoes, lakes and forests. 

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