Tourism Ministry of BARBADOS uncover the plans to revive the tourism industry

Admin on July 25,2013

Tourism industry to be helped with the input of $20, 00000 as a comprehensive proposal has been presented by Govt. of Barbados to boost up industry. 

Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and Chris Sinckler mentioned further that Govt. will offer more support to this sector in coming moth and that will be other than the presented 10 point tourism and generosity proposal.

Sealy, during media briefing at Government Headquarters, Bay St., said that this step towards the rescue of tourism industry will give outcomes in term of boost in tourists’ rate in Barbados and sooner we will be out of this period of downfall in this sector. He also mentioned that we are also partnering with tourism companies so that we can make a deal on vouchers with them for tourists flock and their stay here in Barbados. Govt. also planned to contact to joint and private partners with the intention of building new hotels and give the kiss of life to properties that are closed with the start of Almond Beach Village.

Sealy also believed that the difficult position of tourism needed to be focused to take action by Government. He added, “The truth is that the Euro Zone residue in a mess as the economy of United Kingdom is still lethargic on the other hand United States of America is doing their best for the improvement in this very sluggish progression.

Attractions of Barbados: Barbados; the place of many attractions is going through a decline in tourism industry actually worth to visit once in life.

Barbados Museum:  Building built in a 19th century and construction of it is itself very fascinating and exciting history. Showcase and elucidate the legacy of Africa whereas paintings placed there elaborating the stories of military’s history. It is recommended to every single visitor there to experience fascinating cultural history of Barbados thru the visiting this amazingly build and maintained museum.

Barbados Beach: Golden sand and warm and calm water Barbados beach is worth visiting as it is the amazingly beautiful romantic as well as exciting place to visit. Its Water temperature is perfectly best to swim in the sea Caribbean.

Andromeda Botanical Gardens: Eye catching, beautiful place that is best for the visitors who are in hungrily search of relaxing and calm place where they can be as close to as they can feel the presence of nature. These gardens are highly attracted place while visiting Barbados.

Harrison Caves: Its splendid attractiveness and crystallized limestone caves make is able to be acknowledged as the marvels around the globe. Curving watercourse with unpolluted clear water is the other attraction for tourists as it is naturally wonderful scenery. A small number of the most astonishing and natural geological spaces of Barbados can be seen in caves and it recommended to all that see them at least for once while visiting Barbados .

Bathsheba & Scotland District: Make sure you got your camera with you to capture the wonderful scenery in surroundings. This place has its popularity among surfers all over the world. Tourists take pleasure in the daring and bravery of the snare surfers if any of them catch the ‘soup bowl’ dare which is possibly can be done along with your food at some best restaurants in town.

So you can make a plan to visit the destination of attractions of almost all kinds and wonders of the world.

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