Wild Swimming Vs Our Behavior around water; what is more dangerous?

Admin on July 23,2013

There was a time when our people had have habit of outdoor activities. Apart from the excitement and adventurous activities, these were habits supporting one’s good health and brain power. This fashion of outdoor sports and activities is been deminshing by the time which have make us lazy and unhealthy people.  With increasing rate of ondoor activities and lesser brain power and intelligence, less than half of children got the habit of going out for sports and games!

Wild swimming, an extraordinarily pleasurable loving activity, is topic of discussion among people from few weeks. There is no other comment on the statement is that Diving into rivers, streams and lakes or waterfalls, is unbelievably exciting and healthy activity but because of cooling water temperature, there were many avoidable drowns as well as un solved Susan Tylor’s, there arise a Big Question mark in mind of people and that is “Is it really safe to swim wild?”

Keeping in mind, all beautiful places of Britain for swimming, I am asking this question to myself that “is it really dangerous to go there beautiful places like Worcestershire…. Is it really true that this amazingly beautiful and nominated as safer place than sea and other rivers is the dangour for common swimmers who used to come here throughout the year?” Sharp cliffs of location attracts ladies towards it in hot weekends to get their mind fresh and body active.Here people come and use to jump into water from higher and higher and higher ledges to fullfil their need to be fresh and active as well as smart and healthy!

Answer to my question was “NO!”

No you are wrong I am not getting biased as no one can over the lives of humanity. Myself questioning showed me the brightest point of view and that is “It is not the wild swimming which is dangerous but our behaviors towards water. Actually it is about behavior or surroundings that make it dangerous rather than the activity. A study also has revealed that outdoor water diving is safer than other (sailing, fishing etc) outdoor swimming related or say water related activities.

Safety measures for sure are very important as beginners should be well informed and known about the limit as in start to keep themselves safe. Ye one can widen his/her limits with slow and continuous practice of outdoor swimming.
So you may go out and can have your outdoors activities active to live healthy and active life so the swimming is above all of them!

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